About Us

About Us

We are your Specialist Immigration Practice for Work in New Zealand.
We support employers and migrants with obtaining work visas.

New Zealand – your destination

The two-island country in the Pacific is a remote paradise for immigrants who want to enjoy a temperate climate in one of the most scenic areas of the world. New Zealand ranks highly in international comparisons for quality of life, education, freedom, and transparent government.

The North Island hosts two of the largest cities in NZ, Auckland, and Wellington, with Wellington serving as the country’s Capitol. The South Island is home to some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world, much of it untouched and pristine, without poisonous reptiles anywhere on NZ shores.

Kiwis enjoy the outdoors, and it is a large part of the local lifestyle. An economic powerhouse in relation to its modest population, New Zealand has every conceivable amenity, from first-class medical care, culture, arts, entertainment, sports, and world-class cuisine. Several Entertainment companies recently chose New Zealand a location to film, such as the Hobbiton Movie Set, The Lord of the Rings, and Avatar among others.
What New Zealand needs is skilled people to bring their talents to industries from healthcare to construction, hospitality to IT and many sectors in between. New Zealand needs you!

At Barcleys & Lloyds we are passionate about making sure we give our clients the best support on their way to a new life. We carefully evaluate each case and provide advice customized to your needs. Our renowned KSS system gives you a key insight into your own personal opportunities to make New Zealand your new home. Navigating the complex immigration journey does not have to be problematic if you have the proper tools and information from the start. Let us help you succeed by providing you with concise, current, and correct information.

You will find our group of independent immigration practitioners extremely approachable with vast skills and cultural expertise covering all major areas of the globe. We will give you the answers you need to start this important journey successfully.

Your initial contact is free and without obligation. Experience the difference that Barclays & Lloyds can offer. Experience the best.

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