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Employer Accreditation

Accredited Employer Work Visa Employer Accreditation

$1,000 for preparation
$1,000 for application & filing
All +GST

We will review your current readiness for compliance with accreditation rules and  compile the required materials to become fully compliant with Immigration NZ requirements for employer accreditation under the Accredited Employer Work Visa scheme.

We will then complete an application for you that meets immigration instructions, and we will communicate with Immigration NZ for you.


 for an overview of how employer accreditation works.


Employer Job Check

Accredited Employer Work Visa Job Check

$1,000 per Job Check, excluding advertising costs
 All +GST

Separately for each job, we will work with you on the national job check, to assure that you can demonstrate process and outcome to meet the requirements of Immigration NZ. For multiples are positions you can use one Job Check.

You can only offer jobs to migrants when you demonstrate that local work rights holders are not available for this position.

We will assure that your documentation meets Immigration NZ requirements, and is suitable to progress to offering employment to a migrant.
Migrant Work Visa

Accredited Employer Work Visa Application

From $2,000 (onshore)
From $3,400 (offshore)
All +GST, excluding family


AEWV applications must be based on an approved Job Check for an accredited employer.

Applicants must then meet visa requirements for their work visa application. Depending on where they rank on the two Green Lists, there may be direct pathways to residence.

​Otherwise, AEWV holders usually look at the Skilled Migrant Category for future residence.

Our assessment includes a Kiwi Success Score (KSS) evaluation.
All other New Zealand Visa

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Skilled Migrant Category Residence Visa

Residence, Work Visa for Partners

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Visa Decline and PPI
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